The crunching underfoot unnerved his soul
He needed something to distract his mind.
The illuminated cave bled turmoil
Death and disease was all he’d ever find.

We aren’t defined by straight society –
Freedom was won at a price for us all.
They bound us in shackles for centuries –
Now we are finding our ways to stand tall.

A question I am sure many poets have asked themselves: why write poetry?

I didn’t recognise this island called home;
So much had changed since the day we were fooled.
Friends blocked friends; families loathed families –
The belief that our democracy ruled.

Whisper to me in blue paternal words –
Rosebud red softness for your firm desire.
I won’t resist your masculine pressure –
I’m your lipstick boy and will stoke your fire.

Be careful with my heart it’s so fragile;
Too many times lovers let it shatter.
I was never enough for their desires;
My fidelity to them didn’t matter.

So many rumours and poisonous lies;
I hear the deceit without much surprise.
These pigs trashing me couldn’t stand in my shoes –
Know how I breathe or see life through my eyes.

Never a moment to breathe or reflect;
An overcrowded land of so much noise.
Lost within the land that God abandoned –
Streets swarmed with the virus of too much choice.

I believed when he said I am wicked;
A lifetime of held breath and tortured lies.
There appeared no way to open my heart –
I mixed my words with smoke just to survive.

A satisfied stallion snug in his bed of seduction;
How many had felt his ardent thrusts?
Dents and scratches etched into the wall revealed his passion.
When you squirm atop me, I still hear him whisper ti amo.

Your enchanting words of love enslaved me –
Insincere praise enchained my fragile heart.
You caressed my absence of self-belief –
Your embrace and first kiss were just the start.

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