How Dare You

You’re everywhere we go –
From social media to mainstream press.
You’re worse than a psycho stalker –
Your desire is to shame and oppress.


You shout and point your young finger at us;
Accuse us of damaging the planet.
You travel the globe to lecture leaders,
But you fail to see your hypocrisy.

Rotten Family Tree

We grew in noxious soil and fed on dirt;
We yearned for just a moment in the sun.
Every apple that fell bruised and shrivelled;
Our selfishness ensured none felt the warmth.

Wet Dream Cowboy

While I slept curled up in my lonely bed,
I dreamed I lay in a green field.
The warm air caressed me;
the world sat still and quiet.
Peaceful. Free.

Bruised Love

Your kindness took my hand and held my gaze –
For the first time, I felt a man’s embrace.
I yearned to smoulder with my inner blaze –
My heart pounded with the sense of disgrace.

Fear & Lust

I spotted the figure of male darkness;
Surrounded by an aura of despair.
My gaze soaked in his masculinity;
God’s soothing voice cautioned me to beware.

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