Bleed Peace

Steam erased reflections I didn’t know;
I believed with one slice he would see me.
My brain created cold chains of sorrow;
I glided along the edge to feel free.

Pungent Romance

Chilling in your car, we watched the sun set;
A boyish body wrapped by your strong arms.
Amber rays shone upon my eyes of hope;
Your soft caress weakened me to your charms.

Fearless Giants

Male hearts pounded with deep blue frustration;
Aching lips quivered for penetration.
Fearless giants born strong and empowered;
We lay back waiting to be devoured.

Coming Out

Coming out of the closet.
Declaring to the world I’m a faggot.
When did we hear the same from a heterosexual?
Don’t be telling me it’s not essential.