Sex Poetry

Poems listed below express and explore sex, in particular male sex and sexuality.

Growing up gay in the UK, during the 1980s and 1990s, meant sex was a taboo and mysterious thing for me. This was thanks to Section 28 that the vile Conservative government introduced. This meant schools were not allowed to “promote homosexuality”.

Unlike my heterosexual friends, there was no way for me to learn what sex really meant for someone like me. I was left to find out by myself.

Sex to me is like most other areas of my life: a mix of good and bad, light and dark. I have experienced both brutal and loving sex. My poetry explores all these areas of my sexual tastes.

Wet Dream Cowboy

While I slept curled up in my lonely bed,
I dreamed I lay in a green field.
The warm air caressed me;
the world sat still and quiet.
Peaceful. Free.

Fear & Lust

I spotted the figure of male darkness;
Surrounded by an aura of despair.
My gaze soaked in his masculinity;
God’s soothing voice cautioned me to beware.

Ti Amo

A satisfied stallion snug in his bed of seduction;
How many had felt his ardent thrusts?
Dents and scratches etched into the wall revealed his passion.
When you squirm atop me, I still hear him whisper ti amo.