Mental Health Poetry

Poems listed below explore and reveal the experience of living with mental ill health.

Mental health is something I have dealt with since I was a child. I struggled with mental ill health before it became fashionable.

It was a lonely and difficult journey that influenced my relationships, sexual experiences and choices.

Living with mental ill health led me to make many silly decisions but also to have an immense amount of empathy and understanding.

I use my poetry to explore my own experiences of living with mental ill health but also those close to me who have had their own struggles.

Mental Cavern

The crunching underfoot unnerved his soul
He needed something to distract his mind.
The illuminated cave bled turmoil
Death and disease was all he’d ever find.

Beautiful Scars

I embraced your beautiful scars –
You made my heart swell.
I rubbed the tears from your eyes,
and held you close to my chest.

Cut Yourself

The world felt cold when he destroyed our love.
My mind darkened and my soul despaired.
With tearful eyes, I searched the horizon.
I hoped for salvation or that someone cared.