Love Poetry

Poems listed below express and explore the experience of love.

Love to me does not always mean flowers, chocolate and romance. Sometimes it can be dark, brutal and painful.

For many years, love was something I scoffed and felt would never be for me. I even believed that those who claimed to be in love were suffering with a mental illness.

Since marrying in 2018, my view of love has changed a little. I still see it has something that requires work and can be challenging and painful.

My poems touch on the good and bad aspects of love, which also includes the loss of love.

Be Careful

Be careful with my heart it’s so fragile;
Too many times lovers let it shatter.
I was never enough for their desires;
My fidelity to them didn’t matter.

Ti Amo

A satisfied stallion snug in his bed of seduction;
How many had felt his ardent thrusts?
Dents and scratches etched into the wall revealed his passion.
When you squirm atop me, I still hear him whisper ti amo.

Beautiful Scars

I embraced your beautiful scars –
You made my heart swell.
I rubbed the tears from your eyes,
and held you close to my chest.

Love Lives On

I am often haunted by thoughts of you;
More and more with each solitary day.
Nobody could ever compare to you –
I just wish life had allowed you to stay.

Love Someone Like Me

You paint yourself as selfish and sometimes unkind,
but I use your selfless magic to unwind.
When the demons penetrate my tormented mind,
your warm words make the world feel tender and smooth.

I Miss You

The sun cast shadows over my deep sighs
My spirit vibrated a shade of blue.
The moon contrasted your dark spicy eyes,
my mind filled with beautiful images of you.

I am Loved

Love’s intense fire burned within your deep eyes;
And your alluring gaze enslaved my heart.
Your warm, fragile tears revealed I am loved;
And love’s fiery blaze consumed my lost soul.

Rescued Me

With you I have no cause to feel worried –
Pain of my history may be released.
With you I can be honest and naive –
Fear of abusive men is soon decreased.

Freedom to Love

Freedom to love is all I had desired –
Your captivating eyes released my chains.
I burned with white fires of passion for you
While lost deep within your enchanting smile.