Gay Poetry

Poems listed below explore and express gay rights, gay relationships, homophobia and all that being gay means in this extremely heterosexist world.

Homosexuality has come along way over the years but there are still many homophobic heterosexuals out there who think they are the only ones with a right to love or exist.

You will still hear heterosexuals who feel gays have too many rights, too much attention and even feel they have less rights – I kid you not!

Even in the 21st Century, you will hear homophobic slurs used openly in public, the workplace, on TV and in music; if we dare to complain we’re told to lighten up or called snowflakes.

Queer Pride

We aren’t defined by straight society –
Freedom was won at a price for us all.
They bound us in shackles for centuries –
Now we are finding our ways to stand tall.

Nobody Knows Me

So many rumours and poisonous lies;
I hear the deceit without much surprise.
These pigs trashing me couldn’t stand in my shoes –
Know how I breathe or see life through my eyes.

Held Breath

I believed when he said I am wicked;
A lifetime of held breath and tortured lies.
There appeared no way to open my heart –
I mixed my words with smoke just to survive.

Virgin Queen

Inside a bleak fortress, I existed;
I never felt the sun upon my face.
There was only a brief moment of warmth;
But it was soon removed from that cold place.

Poisonous Lies

Injected deep into the veins of those with hungry ears;
the whispered rumours of someone else’s pain.
They are ravenous tumours who feed on the flesh of fear.

Devils & Monsters

Through thick leather flaps, I inched into an underworld;
Heavy beats, writhing bodies and walls smeared with sin.
The gatekeeper wrapped a numbered strap around my wrist;
In a drunken haze, lost souls tore away their skin.

Coming Out of the Closet

Coming out of the closet.
Declaring to the world I’m a faggot.
When did we hear the same from a heterosexual?
Don’t be telling me it’s not essential.
Coming out, coming out, I’m coming out.
Just to help those who had a bit of doubt.
Seriously, must we still talk like this?
Does progress only apply to feminists?

Freedom to Love

Freedom to love is all I had desired –
Your captivating eyes released my chains.
I burned with white fires of passion for you
While lost deep within your enchanting smile.

Born Gay

Born into a world ruled by heteros;
With the right to murder those viewed perverse.
It’s fine to harm we who lay with the same
Because oppression is what we deserve.