Family Poetry

Poems listed below explore and express experiences of being part of a family.

Family for me comes with a huge amount of emotions and mixed feelings. It is definitely a love-hate relationship.

There was the difficult and dramatic relationship with my absent father who walked out when I was only six-years-old.

Then there is the period of my life when I was sexually abused by a family member, which once exposed revealed that my family was not as great as I once thought.

My poems range from neglect and abuse to the more positive parts of being part of a supportive family that has embraced my sexuality.

Rotten Family Tree

We grew in noxious soil and fed on dirt;
We yearned for just a moment in the sun.
Every apple that fell bruised and shrivelled;
Our selfishness ensured none felt the warmth.


You spent my entire life showing contempt –
Nothing I did ever made you feel proud.
Everything in your life was about you –
Even at your end you played to the crowd.

Nobody Knows Me

So many rumours and poisonous lies;
I hear the deceit without much surprise.
These pigs trashing me couldn’t stand in my shoes –
Know how I breathe or see life through my eyes.


I saw the world as if viewed through your eyes;
With each word I uttered, I heard your voice.
You shone through every smile and each tear.
No matter how hard I tried, I had no choice.

Come on Home

When you feel frazzled and burned out
’cause the world made you feel self-doubt.
When words make you feel stripped nude
and you don’t understand your low mood.