Culture & Society Poetry

Poems listed below express my views and opinions about the culture and society of the Western World, especially the UK.

I have had a love-hate relationship with the UK, Western World and culture & society since I was a child.

There is so much about our culture & society that I disagree with and despise.

I also feel frustrated sometimes by the fact I am part of a minute minority that must live at the mercy of the heterosexual majority.

I have seen wars, laws and all sorts of insanity being committed by the heterosexual majority and I have not been able to do anything about it.

Take the Stick to the Child

Wearing make-up before they’re three;
Gender changed five times before six.
The great free world we created;
Now the children hold all the sticks.

How Dare You

You’re everywhere we go –
From social media to mainstream press.
You’re worse than a psycho stalker –
Your desire is to shame and oppress.


You shout and point your young finger at us;
Accuse us of damaging the planet.
You travel the globe to lecture leaders,
But you fail to see your hypocrisy.


A nation that once directed the world –
Now left behind at the twilight rest home.
No one ever wants to pay a visit;
They won’t even call you up on the phone.


I didn’t recognise this island called home;
So much had changed since the day we were fooled.
Friends blocked friends; families loathed families –
The belief that our democracy ruled.

Nobody Knows Me

So many rumours and poisonous lies;
I hear the deceit without much surprise.
These pigs trashing me couldn’t stand in my shoes –
Know how I breathe or see life through my eyes.

God Abandoned

Never a moment to breathe or reflect;
An overcrowded land of so much noise.
Lost within the land that God abandoned –
Streets swarmed with the virus of too much choice.

Held Breath

I believed when he said I am wicked;
A lifetime of held breath and tortured lies.
There appeared no way to open my heart –
I mixed my words with smoke just to survive.

Virgin Queen

Inside a bleak fortress, I existed;
I never felt the sun upon my face.
There was only a brief moment of warmth;
But it was soon removed from that cold place.

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