Abusive Relationship Poetry

Poems listed below express experiences of sexual, physical and mental abuse in a relationship.

My first experience of an abusive relationship was when I was five-years-old. My parents fought, which eventually led to their divorce.

The first time I saw a man hit a woman was when my uncle physically attacked my aunt in front of me when I was only eleven-years-old. He was drunk.

When I was in my early twenties, I had a relationship with a man that turned physically, sexually and mentally abusive. For most of my youth, I was surrounded by abusive relationships in one form or another.

Murderous Lust

His dark eyes glistened –
My lips tingled;
My heart thumped.
The room faded to him;
He was all I could see.

Sometimes I Think About

Sometimes when it’s quiet, I think about;
I think about he who I once loved.
Sometimes when I’m alone, I think about;
I think about he who I once feared.

Bruised Love

Your kindness took my hand and held my gaze –
For the first time, I felt a man’s embrace.
I yearned to smoulder with my inner blaze –
My heart pounded with the sense of disgrace.

Enslaved Love

Your enchanting words of love enslaved me –
Insincere praise enchained my fragile heart.
You caressed my absence of self-belief –
Your embrace and first kiss were just the start.

Did You Ever Love Me?

My heart believed all your obvious lies;
The fear of isolation took control.
You thought I didn’t know but my eyes could see –
You riding my friends almost broke my soul.

Burned in Hell

In stillness, I travelled – beyond my mind;
Lured by His honey words and sinful bribes.
Within the great walls of Hell I found Him;
And I turned Him toward my lustful vibes.

Rape my Scared Boy

I felt his hand grope my skin –
His fear burned my soul.
I screamed into the darkness –
His scent stopped my death.


I saw the world as if viewed through your eyes;
With each word I uttered, I heard your voice.
You shone through every smile and each tear.
No matter how hard I tried, I had no choice.

Cut Yourself

The world felt cold when he destroyed our love.
My mind darkened and my soul despaired.
With tearful eyes, I searched the horizon.
I hoped for salvation or that someone cared.

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