My heart believed all your obvious lies;
The fear of isolation took control.
You thought I didn’t know but my eyes could see –
You riding my friends almost broke my soul.

In stillness, I travelled – beyond my mind;
Lured by His honey words and sinful bribes.
Within the great walls of Hell I found Him;
And I turned Him toward my lustful vibes.

I felt his hand grope my skin –
His fear burned my soul.
I screamed into the darkness –
His scent stopped my death.

I saw the world as if viewed through your eyes;
With each word I uttered, I heard your voice.
You shone through every smile and each tear.
No matter how hard I tried, I had no choice.

I embraced your beautiful scars –
You made my heart swell.
I rubbed the tears from your eyes,
and held you close to my chest.

When you feel frazzled and burned out
’cause the world made you feel self-doubt.
When words make you feel stripped nude
and you don’t understand your low mood.

The world felt cold when he destroyed our love.
My mind darkened and my soul despaired.
With tearful eyes, I searched the horizon.
I hoped for salvation or that someone cared.

I am often haunted by thoughts of you;
More and more with each solitary day.
Nobody could ever compare to you –
I just wish life had allowed you to stay.

Inside a bleak fortress, I existed;
I never felt the sun upon my face.
There was only a brief moment of warmth;
But it was soon removed from that cold place.

Injected deep into the veins of those with hungry ears;
the whispered rumours of someone else’s pain.
They are ravenous tumours who feed on the flesh of fear.

Born white, born straight, born male;
you better ditch those titles right now.
Check your DNA; find something exotic about yourself;
trust me, you’ll have an easier life if you identify as a rampant cow.

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