Be Careful

Be careful with my heart it’s so fragile;
Too many times lovers let it shatter.
I was never enough for their desires;
My fidelity to them didn’t matter.

Nobody Knows Me

So many rumours and poisonous lies;
I hear the deceit without much surprise.
These pigs trashing me couldn’t stand in my shoes –
Know how I breathe or see life through my eyes.

God Abandoned

Never a moment to breathe or reflect;
An overcrowded land of so much noise.
Lost within the land that God abandoned –
Streets swarmed with the virus of too much choice.

Held Breath

I believed when he said I am wicked;
A lifetime of held breath and tortured lies.
There appeared no way to open my heart –
I mixed my words with smoke just to survive.

Ti Amo

A satisfied stallion snug in his bed of seduction;
How many had felt his ardent thrusts?
Dents and scratches etched into the wall revealed his passion.
When you squirm atop me, I still hear him whisper ti amo.

Enslaved Love

Your enchanting words of love enslaved me –
Insincere praise enchained my fragile heart.
You caressed my absence of self-belief –
Your embrace and first kiss were just the start.

My heart believed all your obvious lies;
The fear of isolation took control.
You thought I didn’t know but my eyes could see –
You riding my friends almost broke my soul.

Burned in Hell

In stillness, I travelled – beyond my mind;
Lured by His honey words and sinful bribes.
Within the great walls of Hell I found Him;
And I turned Him toward my lustful vibes.

Rape my Scared Boy

I felt his hand grope my skin –
His fear burned my soul.
I screamed into the darkness –
His scent stopped my death.


I saw the world as if viewed through your eyes;
With each word I uttered, I heard your voice.
You shone through every smile and each tear.
No matter how hard I tried, I had no choice.

Beautiful Scars

I embraced your beautiful scars –
You made my heart swell.
I rubbed the tears from your eyes,
and held you close to my chest.

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