Murderous Lust

His dark eyes glistened –
My lips tingled;
My heart thumped. 
The room faded to him;
He was all I could see. 
My gaze floated to his narrow waist, 
Where he rested his large hands. 
Biting my lower lip, 
I let my gaze linger. 
His tight shirt stretched across his broad chest; 
Gripped his solid biceps.

He strode toward me –
His stare enslaved;
His smile strong –
They held me where I stood.
He leaned toward my ear;
Filled it with his warm velvety words,
His tender breath caressed me.
Biting my lower lip, 
I let myself linger. 
I imagined our writhing bodies;
Exploring our hot skin.

I inhaled his scent –
Caressed my thighs.
My blood pumped.
Sat in his Vanquish Coupe, 
His commanding voice boomed – 
The moon illuminated our thrill.
We took a drive to Dartmoor; 
No one would see us there,
Hidden in a dense wood.
Justify My Love played –
Desired he bend me over the hood,
During a thunderstorm.

My face felt the heat of the engine –
So terrified.
So excited. 
The world faded to him; 
He was all I could feel. 
My legs trembled. 
My stomach spun. 
Fear burned my skin,
With each titillating touch of his firm hands.
My lungs heaved;
I squirmed beneath his virile confidence.

He plunged deep inside –
Pain pierced through me.
My throat yelped.
Under his mocking grin, 
I bled the darkest blood. 
I cried out into the cold night air,
While his firm grip held me still.
But no one heard my pleas. 
I scratched at the windshield.
Each thrust crushed my thighs into the grille;
I sobbed with each hard grind.

He beat my body –
Marked me with shame. 
My soul bled.
Twinkle little dagger;
I whimpered with each jab. 
My essence flowed into morbid streams,
Praying for God to take me.
He stole my innocence,
No one saw me dying. 
Seeping into the earth beneath me;
With his murderous lust.

Life faded away. 
Empty body. 
My still heart. 
My last experience.
Desired by the creatures;
They already had my deathly scent. 
The rains fell and rivers flowed.
The clouds would swirl and dance,
And the oceans would sing. 
I knew he wanted to abuse me, 
But I couldn’t resist him.


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