Love Beyond

Love Beyond

I am often haunted by thoughts of you;
More and more with each solitary day.
Nobody could ever compare to you;
I just wish life had allowed you to stay.

I recall your sparkling emerald eyes;
A million dark secrets we never shared.
While I lay alone, I release my cries;
You were the only one who truly cared.

I remember you carried me to bed;
Those numerous humid and sticky nights.
We glistened underneath the moonlit sky;
You raised my body to mountainous heights.

Your soft lips took my spirit to new worlds,
Causing my body to open for you.
When your fingers caressed my sweaty skin,
Waves of tingles made me feel fresh and new.

We caressed in front of the blazing fire;
So many frosty British winter nights.
Your strong arms wrapped me in manly desire
While your warm whisper filled me with delight.

To let you go tore the heart from my chest;
With you I always felt safe and secure.
The day I had to lay your soul to rest,
I feared I wouldn’t be able to endure.