Hounds of Terror

Hounds of terror invaded filled with hate –
We natives were weak and keen to be smashed.
Images of pain made us take the bate –
Miles of wasteland that once housed life now trashed.

Talking heads fooled us and fed us the lies –
Boys cried while cameras swooped like vultures.
Corrupt leaders swarmed like ravenous flies;
Feasting on our weak and feeble culture.

Social media shamed the rebel;
Their great sin was to oppose genocide.
To be shunned was no longer so novel –
Tweet, like; just commit social suicide.

Bullying blinded so-called progressives –
Only racists could see the invasion.
Our way of life became so oppressive –
Images used to cause mass persuasion.

Images of men erased from the mind –
Convinced all were just helpless refugees.
Dead children blamed on we wicked white kind;
And shamed for our past by the bourgeoisie.

The invaded opened their listless arms –
The hounds of terror didn’t waste any time.
Mesmerised by the political charms;
To speak against it was seen as a crime.

Sexual crime was seen as our error;
A nightmare of endless brutality.
No one heard the screams or saw the terror;
Our ears burned deaf to the reality,

The hounds sank their teeth into traditions;
Devoured a once strong and alluring land.
People of ideas and ambitions;
Too cowardly and scared to take a stand.

The androgynous couldn’t defend their land;
Conditioned by feminine arrogance.
Demanding for the penis to be banned –
Too busy fighting for their relevance.

Ravenous hounds sharpened their killer fangs –
Our children could easily be slaughtered.
Left unchallenged by the liberal gangs;
There was more land ready to be conquered.

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