Held Breath

I believed when he said I am wicked;
A lifetime of held breath and tortured lies.
There appeared no way to open my heart – 
I mixed my words with smoke just to survive.

My existence offended the holy;
Forced me to suffocate my breath at birth.
Mother’s womb housed an abomination –
A thousand stones smashed my face in the dirt.

Within my first few months, I learned the truth;
Words would be used against me to oppress.
The majority used their privilege – 
Forced me to deny my need to express.

The soft voices whispered uneasy truths;
The time had come to release my held breath.
The images of hate travelled the world –
Ravaged minds realised their views were dead.

After a lifetime of holding my breath,
The world spun to the minority beat.
My chains fell upon heterosexists – 
And for the first time I breathed on the street.


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