Freedom to Love

Freedom to love is all I had desired –
Your captivating eyes released my chains.
I burned with white fires of passion for you
While lost deep within your enchanting smile.

I sailed across wild seas toward my fate
Beyond the veiled world, straight into your arms.
I rested my tired head on your firm chest –
I felt your heart pound with joy and desire.

You kissed me with your soft electric lips –
Tears rolled down my face because I felt blessed.
Inside a world that so often said no
We ignored the hate and embraced our scars.

Freedom to love you is what I needed –
I sailed along many untamed rivers.
Your love poured over Eastern waterfalls
Into my heart where we fulfilled our dreams.

God guided us through heterosexism –
We released the beauty we had suppressed.
Protected while we made our lives begin;
No desire to destroy the love within.

God wouldn’t flay souls warmed by an Eastern sun – 
We committed before the open hearts.
Inside a world that so often said no
We ignored the doubts and embraced our fears.


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