Freedom to Love

Freedom to Love

Freedom to love is all I had desired,
Lost within your enchanting smile.
Your captivating eyes released my chains
With fires that burned across the miles.

I sailed across wild seas toward my fate,
Passed the veiled world into your spell.
I rested my tired head on your firm chest,
And heard stories you had to tell.

You kissed me with your soft electric lips;
Tears bled from bright Asian stars.
Inside a world that so often said no
We ignored hate and embraced scars.

Inside a world that so often said no,
We exchanged rings with open hearts.
We ignored the doubts and embraced our fears;
Freedom to love is where it starts.

Creative Notes

“Freedom to Love” has stayed closer to its original draft except a few word changes and being shortened by two stanzas.

When I first started writing poems after so many years of not, I noticed I would place hyphens at the end of many sentences. I have no idea why I did this but in my head it represented a shorter pause than a stop.

As time went on, and I started editing my poems, I decided to stop this because I suddenly didn’t like them being there. It felt untidy and as if something was missing – lord knows what was going on in my head.

Freedom to rhyme

The original draft did not rhyme either, which I did like but as the editing progressed I noticed rhyme crept back in. Rhyming clearly is something I naturally like to do. Apparently, this is rather outdated, so perhaps I am just an old fossil.

The lost stanzas

I know I told you that the new version is now two stanzas shorter but I thought I would share the three stanzas that did not make it into the present version.

I especially love this one because it transports me to the beautiful islands of the Philippines, which inspired “Freedom to Love”.

Freedom to love you is what I needed –
I sailed along many untamed rivers.
Your love poured over Eastern waterfalls
Into my heart where we fulfilled our dreams.

This next stanza is me again having a dig/attack at the oppressiveness of heterosexuality on those of us who are not part of the majority.

The us I write about in this piece refers to my husband before we were married and having to deal with a long distance relationship made tougher by the discrimination and oppression of heterosexism that exists across the world.

God guided us through heterosexism –
We released the beauty we had suppressed.
Protected while we made our lives begin;
No desire to destroy the love within.

This last stanza refers to our getting married, which still exists in the final stanza. I am still not sure which version I prefer.

God wouldn’t flay souls warmed by an Eastern sun –
We committed before the open hearts.
Inside a world that so often said no
We ignored the doubts and embraced our fears.