Devils & Monsters

Through thick leather flaps, I inched into an underworld;
Heavy beats, writhing bodies and walls smeared with sin.
The gatekeeper wrapped a numbered strap around my wrist;
In a drunken haze, lost souls tore away their skin.

My heart pounded inside my chest and my hands trembled;
I undressed, friends left me and we were like strangers.
We sashayed into the pit of devils and monsters;
All too shameful to notice the vulgar dangers.

Mindless beats didn’t stop spread legs or grunting naked flesh.
Maggots bled from my ears; rats crawled over my skin.
Music failed to distract that which wriggled down my flesh;
That which slithered around me in the endless din.

I groped the narrow corridor through gooey darkness;
Avoiding molested bodies chained to the walls.
I saw flashes of writhing male flesh, slashed by faint light;
Designed to cover up the shame and slime that crawls.

A fat, sticky hand reached for my repulsed crawling skin;
His dead eyes leered into my warm, enticing smile.
The power of my pure spirit caused him to recoil;
He lowered his head when he felt I thought him vile.

I fought the urge to purge while I squeezed past soiled bodies;
Stickiness on my burning skin made my blood sink.
Men without a face or name crushed against bars and walls;
Playground to devils and monsters bled a foul stink.

An orgy of male bodies cornered me in the dark;
Bleak rooms, bars, chains and disease among the faceless.
Inmates pay to writhe in the sorrowful world of filth;
Sunrise sees the dark release them soiled and shameless.


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