Devils and Monsters (Gran Canaria Edit)

Devils & Monsters (Gran Canaria Edit)

The gatekeeper showed me into the gloom;
Through thick leather flaps, he renewed my doom.
In a shrunken way, lost souls played the game;
In a drunken haze, men sprayed walls with shame.

Men cavorted before grateful strangers;
Too easy to ignore shameful dangers.
They slaved to the whim of many partners;
They caved to the grim devils and monsters.

They groped along halls of gooey darkness;
Flashes of moist flesh held by a harness.
Detested zombies tagged, drained and then crawled;
Molested bodies gagged, chained and left sprawled.

Men with no face crushed against bars and walls;
With the only aim to empty their balls.
Devils and monsters bled a fetid drink;
Stickiness on soiled skin made the blood sink.

Eyes bled disgust and shame clawed our skin;
Flies buzzed self-righteous in the endless din.
Vacuous beats failed to improve the scene;
Ruthless men thought our rudeness mean.