Bruised Love

Your kindness took my hand and held my gaze –
For the first time, I felt a man’s embrace.
I yearned to smoulder with my inner blaze –
My heart pounded with the sense of disgrace.

I thought you’d always keep me safe and warm –
Giving me what my father would withhold.
Instead I swirled inside your savage storm –
Where your love left me outside in the cold.

Men were a threat to your sacred jewel;
You glared at me no matter where I stood.
Obsession to control caused you to hurt;
You marked me before another man could.

False smiles hid that you didn’t trust anyone;
Sweet words ensured no one saw the bruises.
Driven to possess my body for your lust;
Imprisoned in a love no one chooses.

Dragged by the hair when I starved your desires –
Thrown to the floor with enraged irritation.
Clothes torn from a body you smeared in fear –
Your fierce thrusts drowned me in degradation.

Loss of my breath when crushed under your strength;
Held in your vice, I learned to suffocate.
I felt our love coil into a diseased corpse;
No one saw how I struggled to contemplate.

Unripe fresh flesh concealed bruised broken bones –
You bewitched the ghosts of my aching heart.
Your cruel words embraced me with dark tones –
Sweet words hid you tear my body apart.

Nothing left of the boy who brightened the world;
A vibrant spirit conquered by the past.
Your repressive words echo through the years;
A blackened heart ensured love could not last.


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