Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Isaw the world as if viewed through your eyes;
With each word I uttered, I heard your voice.
You shone through every smile and each tear.
No matter how hard I tried, I had no choice.

You filled my dreams while strangers consumed me.
I screamed in the dark when I saw your face.
Men I didn’t know penetrated my room;
With one caress, I let them take your place.

They whispered false love into my young ears;
Hope filled my dead heart that they may be you.
For a brief moment, I felt no more fear.
Released from the endless torment of the truth.

He tore my clothes for his own sensation.
My tears flowed over the filth that he sowed.
You didn’t save me from his violation.
You never saw how much my blood flowed.

Men saw me as just something to plunder.
I never heard them once say they loved me.
You left me diseased to pine and wonder;
Only able to hold your hands in my dreams.