Hadyn Tumaob - Bio

Welcome to my poetry site. My name is Hadyn Tumaob and I’m a poet from The House of Tumaob where life is poetry.

I have always loved to create, and I started writing poetry when I was a teenager. I showed my very first poems to my father’s girlfriend, Joan, whose positive reaction encouraged me to write more.

Over the years, I moved away from poetry and started writing short stories – dark and gay erotica. There was even a period when I wrote personal blog stories covering my life experiences and opinions.

Then one day, back in 2018, I sat and wrote my first poem in at least twenty years. I have no idea what inspired me to do so but I’m glad I did because I enjoyed the process. I have been writing poems regularly since, which I share with you on this website.

My poems relate to love, life and culture. Many are dark, brutal, painful and even sexual because that is how it often was for me living in this world as a gay boy, teenager and man.

There are, of course, plenty that are inspiring, warm, fuzzy and about more positive aspects of life. What you can be sure of is all are written from my heart, truth and unique view of the world through the eyes of a person who has lived as part of a very tiny minority in this world.

I hope you enjoy reading my poetry. And be sure to connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.